Clay Cafe Ceramic Painting Cape Town
Terms & Conditions

By reading and sending through the booking form you have accepted the below**

  • PLEASE NOTE: Items need to be left at the Clay Café after you have painted them so they can be fired and glazed. This takes time: You may collect your items 3.5-4 weeks after you have painted them. You will receive an email when your items are ready for collection
  • All items can then be used in the microwave, dishwasher and oven. We keep items for 3 months before they are donated to charities; no exceptions.
  •  Maximum of 10 kids and 10 adults OR total of 40 adults for an adult party. We don’t have a minimum with parties.
  • We allow parties to bring in x1 birthday cake and decoration only ** All other catering must be ordered through The Clay Café.
  • We allow x1 morning children’s party and x1 afternoon children’s booking. We allow x4 larger adult only bookings a day
  • We are a ceramic painting venue; we require parties to participate in the activity. This is not negotiable. We provide plates, plain serviettes, cutlery, cups. If you want anything themed you can bring that along.
  • There is a R500 none refundable deposit required to secure your booking; this amount is taken off your bill at the end of the party. If you cancel you party the deposit is *not refundable.
  • There is a 10% service charge added to tables more than 10 people on your *whole bill. You can of course tip more if you are happy with the service.
  • No cancellations are allowed to be made on pre-organised catering on the day (catering is made specifically for your party and not sold on our café menu)
  • Final catering is to be sent at least one week before the party. Late submitted catering forms are a request and not a given.
  • You can run a tab for teas, coffees and other drinks on the day and order smaller items off our café menu
  • No entertainers of any sorts (including: clowns, any dress up characters, snake man, magicians etc) This is for the safety and comfort of other paying clients.
  • No loud toys are allowed: including whistles or pinata’s
  • Parties are set at sessions of 2.5 hours. We always have a second seating. If you need extra time please arrange this with management.
  • We do one children’s party in the morning and one in the afternoon only.
  • At least half the overall party has to be painting and enough catering ordered for all guests attending.
  • Seating arrangements can be requested but are not guaranteed
  • As we don’t charge a venue hire we work on a spend of at least R120 per head for all guests (this can be on painting/ food and drinks) *This includes adults attending children parties

    All items must be photographed by you and each item must have a specific party number on with the guest’s name on it (written by our staff and documented in a party book)

  • All items are then packaged for you and ready for your collection after 3.5-4 weeks **
  • Catering must be ordered for 14 people or more. You can order some goodies off the food menu too on the day. We are unable to send out over 14 individual meals at the same time
  • All communications must be sent over email and written on the booking form. This can be sent back to us no later than 5 days before the party date.