Breast Cancer Month with Clay Café & I Love Boobies

Oct 23, 2023

Breast cancer is a disease that starts in the cells of the breast. It occurs when abnormal cells within the breast tissue begin to grow uncontrollably, forming a lump or tumor. This can affect both women and, less commonly, men, and it’s the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women worldwide. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, a time when communities around the world come together to show support, and drive progress in the fight against breast cancer. This month Clay Café is working with an amazing foundation called “I love boobies” …

Breast cancer awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness

I Love Boobies” is an organisation that focuses on breast cancer awareness and education. While its name may be somewhat playful, its mission is serious; to promote early detection and support those affected by breast cancer. The foundation seeks to break down the stigma surrounding breast health discussions and encourages open conversations about breast cancer. “I Love Boobies” often engages in creative and youth-oriented campaigns to raise awareness and funds for research, treatment, and support services. It aims to empower individuals to take proactive steps in their breast health. This foundation emphasizes the importance of early detection in the fight against breast cancer. Early detection can save lives. ILoveBoobies provides FREE breast cancer screenings to woman who face social, financial & logistic challenges to access life saving, early detection screenings.

We are joining forces with I❤️Boobies

A percentage of money raised at Clay Café during October will be going towards breast screenings . The screening team of nurses go into different communities who do the physical examinations. If there are any abnormalities the patient will then be sent through to radiology. Their partners at SCP radiology or Winelands radiology will then give those patients mammograms. It is all about empowering women by ensuring that they have access to early detection. Everyone deserves access to essential care and we couldn’t be prouder to be part of this important foundation.

Wear Pink/ paint pink this October at Clay Café

Scan the QR code if you want to donate R300 towards a breast cancer screening.

Or come paint at Clay Café and pay it forward this October.

This isn’t just about painting everything pink. It’s about celebrating survivors, remembering loved ones, and supporting those still in the fight.

It’s about inspiring conversations, encouraging women and men to get screened, and providing a helping hand to those affected by this challenging disease.

We understand that this disease has touched the lives of many in our community, and we stand with you in solidarity. At Clay Café, we’re proud to be a part of this global movement, and we’re committed to making a difference, one painted pottery piece at a time. Join us in painting, partaking a creative experience, and contributing to a cause that’s close to our hearts. Let’s paint for a purpose and help make screenings accessible to all. Your artistic endeavours can truly change lives!


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