Clay Café Celebrates World Animal Day!

Oct 5, 2023

The 4th of October 2023 marks a day that is particularly close to the hearts of the Clay Café family. World Animal Day is about honouring the sanctity of all life on Earth.

We particularly pay homage to the precious souls who share our Home Planet with us, the ones who have no voice but are part of the Great Circle Of Life we are all in this together.

It’s a day dedicated to promoting compassion, love, and respect for all animals, and advocating for their rights. Animals of all species are part of life as we know it, without them , our entire World could not exist , as every species alive plays a role in the functioning of Earth’s ecosystem.

We are human beings – this means that we are co-dwellers, neighbours , Earth roommates -if-you-will . It is our moral responsibility to protect all creatures on the Planet so that all future generations of all life on Earth may flourish and thrive.

World Animal day was created for all of humanity to honour, treasure and pay tribute to our friends of diversified species. And if you don’t already know this, World Animal Day is not linked to any person, organisation or institute! World Animal Day was started by Heinrich Zimmermann.

World Animal Day, sometimes referred to as world Animal Welfare Day or World Animal Protection Day is an annual event on the 4th of October, celebrating animal rights and welfare across the globe. It’s an important day and has been marked since 1925, with a growing international community striving to end the needless suffering of all animals.

By increasing awareness and improving education worldwide, those involved are helping to create a space recognising wild and farmed animals as sentient beings with thoughts, feelings, and individual personalities. Their animal welfare practices, and treatment must reflect this. 

With its international reach, many people around the world celebrate World Animal Day in different ways. Businesses and individuals can give a voice to animals by celebrating World Animal Day in various ways, whether that’s through a fundraising event for charities supporting protection efforts, a goods donation drive or education sessions, there are so many options for everyone to get involved.

We all have the capability to help improve the conditions of animals lives – from domestic pets, to farm animals and to those species who still roam free – we can all play a role in supporting their lives by choosing different ways of eating, living and consuming!

Adopt, don’t shop

World Animal day is about creating awareness and educating those around us about the affects of animal cruelty, animal rights and welfare. There are a variety of animal adoption centres around Cape town where you can volunteer your time, donate to the upkeep of the facility and animals in care. (and of course) if you just love one of the little dudes so much, adopt and take him home.

Barking mad


WOOF projects



Side Walk Specials

How We Can Celebrate World Animal Day:

You don’t have to be a Greta Thunberg to be a part of the activism surrounding World Animal Day. You don’t even have to stand outside the Parliamentary Buildings with a sign and a loudspeaker. Anyone can be a ‘silent’ activist in their own way.

  • Donate (whatever you can afford) to some of the nonprofit organisations for animals – E.g World Wildlife Fund, DARG, Tears
  • Volunteer your time at a local shelter or animal sanctuary, many of them are always looking for volunteers.We at Clay Café donate 10% of all proceeds made from guests who paint our Ceramic Dog Bowls to DARG, an animal rescue Charity in Hout Bay.
  • Schedule a wellness checkup for your pets and make sure they are up-to-date on vaccinations and preventative care as their health and happiness are a top priority.
  • Educate your self, take the time to learn more about different animal species, their habitats, and the challenges they face. Knowledge is a powerful tool for promoting animal welfare.
  • Show your own animal a little extra love. Treat your pet to something special, whether it’s a new toy, a comfy bed or a long walk up the mountain or in the dog park.
  • Consider adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet for the day or even longer. Reducing your meat consumption can have a positive impact on animal welfare and the environment.
  • Social media. This is one powerful tool that you can use, you can share information about World Animal Day, raise awareness about animal issues, and encourage others to get involved.
  • Adopt a pet or you could even foster one if you are unable to adopt. World animal day is a great time to visit one of your local animal shelters and adopt a fur friend , however if you can’t have one long term then opt for the fostering option.

Remember, every little bit helps, and your efforts, no matter how small, you can make a big difference in the lives of animals. World Animal Day is a reminder that we share this planet with a diverse and wonderful array of creatures, and it’s our responsibility to protect and care for them. Join us at Clay Cafe and celebration world animal day with us 🙂


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