Clay Cafè  In George Is Open!

Sep 13, 2023

Clay Café in George has officially opened: And the Garden Route is going to be forever grateful –

What you need to know about The Garden Route:

The Garden Route has long been known as a destination that thrives in treating travelers and adventurers alike with a taste of serenity and tranquil natural surroundings. The garden Route is seen as unique and special to the Cape . The region boasts a coastline of 300km’s situated between Mossel Bay & Plettenberg Bay . It’s not surprising that next to Cape Town, it is just as much of a popular Holiday destination as our prided Atlantic Seaboard or Hout Bay . A gorgeous mountain range nestles tight and close to the shoreline . As you enjoy your leisurely drive toward our new Clay Café venue in George enjoy the view of the coastline dotted with beaches and bays, and vividly coloured wild flowers, brightly on display during Spring Month and beyond!

Image: As you enjoy your slow meander to our new George Venue of Clay Café, why not stop along the coast for a splash and some epic “insta-worthy” pics!

What Is So Special About George?

It has long been a belief that George was first explored as far back as 1688 , in the hope of finding fresh food and water. Eventually the city was named after King George |||.

This King was England’s ruling Monarch at the time.

George is one of those places that offers something for everyone under the sun! Visiting George would not be a complete experience without exploring natural treasures such as
Montagu and Outeniqua Passes. George also includes some seriously historical landmarks such as Pacaltsdorp Stone Church – the oldest church in George – and the ancient slave tree in York Street. Other must-see attractions include the Railway Museum, the ever-popular Hop Route, the Museum – a collection of local gems – and the beautiful greenery of the Garden Route Botanical Garden at the top of Caledon Street.

The Garden Route has a Mediterranean climate with mild to chilly winters and moderately hot summers. During the warmer months – November to March – the cool water of the Indian Ocean is the perfect ending to a long, hot day.

Image: An aerial view of George over one of its many luxury Golf Courses

Clay Cafè In George Adds An Extra Piece Of Excitement To The Magic Of The Garden Route!

If you’ve never heard of us, Clay Cafè  is a special space that combines the elements of art, craft, food and ‘family’. A visit to any of our Clay Café branches is a one of a kind experience that gives guests memories which last a lifetime!

Guests are able to select from a huge collection of ready-to-paint-and-decorate ceramic items . Once you arrive, we invite you to sit back, unwind, relax and savour our delicious food and drinks selection whilst you explore your inner-artist and participate in the calm and tranquility of a true ceramic art experience!

Images: Your first sample taste of what lays in store when you first visit our newly launched venue! You’ll have the opportunity to paint and design your own works of art. Just look at our indoor/outdoor set up: Designed to keep kiddies and parents alike happy, relaxed and stress-free for hours on end!

Everything Else You Need To Know Before You Visit Us:

First up: Our new owners! Noel & Phillipa Lorens are the strong team that head up our newest franchise development in the Garden Route.

They have taken over the reigns for George as a Clay Café ‘travel’ destination. The venue not only meets the highest of high standards that our Clay Café brand espouses – but , if anything, exceeded expectations on completion.

Our George venue is one of our larger properties, as it boosts a 240 seater restaurant, with a seamlessly flowing interior-to-outdoor design that allows for parents to view their kids playing whilst relaxing, and kids have the chance to go bananas on our state-of-the-art geometric wood Jungle Gym, designed in line with nature and some pretty cutting-edge carpentry!

Image: Homemade, wholesome, prepared from scratch, and using only the finest & sustainably sourced ingredients!

Image: A small example of our sumptuous cuisine – a very ‘South Africanized” offering above, the culturally-on-point Kebab!

Image: The serene Garden setting at our new George Venue

Image: A wonderful opportunity for children and parents to reconnect, bond, share, play and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Image : The vast options of unfired bisque to choose from, allows for guests to pick and choose at their leisure – there is really something for everyone here!

Image: An exciting centrepiece that has been designed to flow seamlessly with the clean, soft , light-filled natural elements of our George Branches signature interior.

Image: A girls day out is always a blessing. Our very first clients showing off their finished works of art!

How Does It Work?

All of our Menus are different per store.

Hout Bay , Paarl, In The City, Silverlakes, & George all have unique foodie offerings. Just click as indicated to view what each venue has in store to cater to anyone’s palette!

When visiting any of our Clay Café branches in the Cape , guests can choose their ceramic items on the day. Items are priced individually based on size, and one of our friendly staff members will explain how the painting progress works. 

Become part of the excitement and book at the new Clay Café George


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