6 Ways To Let Love Grow During The Month Of Spring !

Aug 29, 2023

Why Is Spring Day In Cape Town So Exciting? 

After all, we do live in a city which includes one of the 7 Wonders Of Nature In The World! With our larger-than-life mountain overlooking the City Bowl, harbours, white beaches and Robben Island beyond, this is a local tourist’s playground. We have TWO World Heritage Sites, the sprawling Winelands, nature reserves, botanical gardens and a buzzing waterfront – and that’s just the the start of the adventure Generally speaking our city is a hub for anything relatable to the outdoors and the beauty of nature. South Africa has been named the Best Country for Tourism and Cape Town has been named the Best City to visit in the World by The Telegraph Travel Awards 2023. The position reflects South Africa’s allure and lasting impact on travellers in these awards, chosen by 27,000 dedicated readers. It’s no wonder why our Cape Town community celebrates with a little more vigour when Spring arrives!

Image: Taking the first Spring Walk of 2023 in the Cape’s Flower Regions, such as Darling.

Why Does South Africa Celebrate Spring Day?

This is the time where we begin to see a major influx of international arrivals. Unfortunately, there aren’t any actual Historical milestones attached to South Africa’s celebration of Spring Day. Yet we are a Nation of “Happy People”, and thanks to the institution known as the “Backyard Braai” ( some lists of Cape Town’s best Braai spots – it’s a pleasure 🙂 , nothing gets us going more than the warm weather. However, September 1st isn’t actually the real beginning of this season. The Encyclopedia Britannica explains it like this: 

“ Spring season officially starts on Thursday, 22 September 2022.

This period is also known as the vernal equinox, a moment in the year when “the sun is exactly above the equator and day and night are of equal length. Also, either of the two points in the sky where the ecliptic (the Sun’s annual pathway) and the celestial equator intersect,” the publication notes. In the northern hemisphere, the spring equinox happens on 21 March, when the sun moves north across the celestial equator”

Image: An artistic representation of our Planet’s Spring Equinox.

These Are the 6 best ways to Celebrate Spring In Cape Town !

  1. See The Wildflowers: 

The West Coast in The Western Cape and Namaqualand in the Northern Cape are the biggest hotspots to view Wildflowers in Spring. If going on a road-trip isn’t on the cards, then check out the beauty of the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens instead

2) Start A Herb Garden:

We all love a bit of Spring Cooking, so how cool would it be to add your own flavour and freshness to your foodie creation with herbs you have grown on your own? Coriander, Basil, Chives and Parsley are some of the more popular herbs we enjoy using in traditional South African Cuisine.

Image: A Money-Saving idea for passionate home-cooks!

3) Participate In A River Or Beach Clean Up:

Beach or river clean-ups are a great way to feel like part of your community but also to do your bit for the Environment. These clean ups are important in Summer due to the fact that people will all be heading to the Sea and local rivers in the Warmer Weather. Check with your local community group on your Social Platforms to find local clean-ups happening in your area

Image: A Table View Vista of the iconic Mountain whilst friends and family show off their hard Spring Clean Up efforts.

4)Have A Picnic! 

There are so many gorgeous parks , gardens, look-out points and forests around Cape Town, it’s almost a non-negotiable to do this at least once this Spring. Take your comfiest blanket, some hand-made tapas created with your own Herbs from your new Herb Garden At Home, a good book, board games and toys for the kids, and spend the day breathing in the health-effects of nature with  your friends and family. 

Head to your favourite beach: Llandudno, Clifton or Camps Bay (among so many others) or picnic on the likes of: Chapmans Peak, Kirstenbosch Gardens, or Signal Hill.

Image: A couple enjoys the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens during a “Spring Day” picnic experience .

5)Clear Out The Clutter In Your Home:

Spring is the best time to do a clean-out in your home. Especially when we focus on areas that tend to get neglected. Sorting and clearimnfsng out clutter is not only a fantastic way to set good intentions for your life, but it’s actually quite a soothing and satisfying practice! It’s rather cathartic indeed! Another wonderful way to make a clear-out even more rewarding is to donate anything you don’t want to your local charities. Clay Café is a proud supporter of St Joseph’s Intermediate Care Home For Chronically Ill Children . Click to visit this NGO’s online and find out what you are able to give away to help kids in need.

Image: Clear out what you don’t need this Spring and you’ll be amazed at how much you have to donate at the end of the day –

6)Enjoy Arts & Crafts, And DIY Projects:

As the days become longer, it’s the perfect time to start a creative project with your kids and family. Why not try creating an outside mural or mosaic? You could make some Garden art or create beautiful, Spring Inspired art with your kids. Do a little DIY in your backyard or garden, and get the area ready for all of the braai’s to come for the rest of 2023!

Why not Visit any of our Clay Café  Branches to take part in some ‘Spring Month Art Therapy” with your children and family members. Our Hout Bay and Paarl Branches are outdoor havens  for grown-ups and kids alike, with massive stretches of greenery, kiddies play constructions, and the opportunity to participate in calming, leisurely Ceramic Painting. This is precisely how these Cafés lend themselves to the ideations of Summer and Sunshine.

Image: Try out some craftsy ideas with your kids at any of the Clay Café Branches this Spring, such as a rainbow-ombre plant pot that can be used for your Spring Month Herb Garden project art home!

Imagine enjoying the fresh and warmer-weather-inspired harvest menus at each of our local branches – our downloadable menus at either our Hout Bay, Paarl or In The City Venues boast a unique offering as each menu is different . Clay Café menus are designed to cater to each respective branch’s individual set, setting, atmosphere and energy. 

Feel free to make your Spring Month booking at any of our branches: 

Hout Bay


Clay Café In The City

We have a Halaal certified menu , and all Halaal Menu items are prepared in a separate kitchen at the Hout Bay branch – it is operational over weekends, school holidays and public holidays only .

How Does A Visit To A Clay Café Branch Work?

It’s easy peasy! You will have the opportunity to choose your ceramic items on the day of your booking. All pricing is individually based on the size and shape of the ceramic item you choose.

We ask that 50% of the guests who book a table participate in the ceramic painting experience for our In The City Branch. 

When visiting either our Hout Bay or Paarl branches , we ask that 80% of the guests in attendance in your group participate in the painting experience .

When you arrive, one of our knowledgeable waiters will explain how the painting techniques and process works.


  • R45 studio fee per person plus the price of the chosen item * you choose these items on the day .
  • Items range from R55-380 based on size and shape .
    *If you prefer to work on a budget or in a group setting: 
  • You can choose between 2 packages
  • Medium sized ceramic item: R165 (R115/120  item plus R45 studio fee) 
  • Large sized ceramic item : R180 (R135 items plus R45 studio fee)
  • Feel free to browse through our Ceramic catalogue in advance and get your mind around how you’ll be releasing your inner artist on the day!

        Please note: All painted Ceramic items take 4+ weeks to be fired and glazed.

Image: Paint, Play , and laugh in the Spring Sunshine at one of our “outdoor” themed branches, either in Hout Bay or Paarl. Your kids won’t be bored for a second!

When Can you use your fired and glazed Ceramic Works of Art at Home?

After you’ve completed your Clay Café visit,  all items are left on the premises to be fired and glazed and can be collected after 4+ weeks.

You will receive an email notification once your full order is ready for collection!

We store items for 3 months only after which they are donated to a charity in need.

Our chosen charity for 2023 is St Josephs’ Intermediate Paediatric Care Home For Chronically Ill Children. 

Image: Nice To Know- if you are a foreigner visiting CPT this Summer, you can donate your painted ceramics to our charity via our Paint & Donate Drive.

Image: The perfect setting to a perfect “Spring Break” – our massive , newly presented Paarl Branch in the Winelands on Groot Parys Estate brings the elements of nature and history into seamless flow…

You are invited: Join us for our Spring Month Soiree In The City! 

The Clay Café In The City Spring Month Soiree goes down –

When: 6th September 2023

Time: 5:30 for 6:00pm

Address: 199 Bree Street Cape Town

We have partnered up with THEE last word in Craft Rum, Cape Of Storms Distillery! Everyone knows that Rum is that drink that lends itself to fresh , Summer tastes and fragrant floral themes. Our team have put together signature Spring Themed cocktail recipes as well as Rum & Food pairings to bring you a fresh, floral, botanical, painting, playing, dining and drinking experience that will blast you into Spring with memories made for life! Not to mention our live music performance by local up-and-comer, Bard Larter who will be entertaining guests with his relaxing, crooning acoustic notes all night long.

Book your place at The Clay Café In The City Spring Soiree and enjoy:

Complimentary Welcome Drink on arrival

Live Music

Craft Rum Tasting Experience

Rum Cocktail & Food Pairings

Ceramic Painting Experience

Spring Themed Botanical & Rum infused Signature Dessert

Competition on the night to win an exclusive hamper from Cape Of Storms Distillery & Clay Cafè


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