“Alternative” School Holiday Activities In Cape Town

Aug 25, 2023

That moment when you’re in the car with the kids and you hear the words ” Are we there yet? ” – well, that’s actually a good thing! Kids should never be bored, and a fantastic parent like you will want to take every opportunity these holidays to ensure your clan are properly entertained and educated with our list of ‘unusual’ outings we’ve put together for you.

At Clay Café we’ve got your back. We are here today to share some out-of-the-ordinary experiences that you can try out with your little ones. The activities selected for you below are not what would usually come to mind when thinking of “Cape Town” .

As a parent, it’s pretty obvious what the most popular kid-friendly attractions are in the Mother City. 

But, what about something so different , it’ll get you and your kids out of your holiday comfort zone and into a new world of exploration in the Cape.

Image: All packed and ready for the October holidays and a family adventure of a lifetime!

Take The Kids To An Aircraft Museum!

“Top-Gun” comes to Cape Town! See it all: aircrafts, uniforms, aviation book library, Saturday tours and even a  restaurant!  Visit The Aircraft Museum for more info. The South African Air Force (SAAF) Museum houses its main branch at Air Force Base Swartkop where various historical artefacts of the SAAF are displayed in both static and flying conditions. The Museum also has branches at Air Force Station Port Elizabeth and Air Force Base Ysterplaat. The SAAF Museum is an integral part of safeguarding the collective heritage and history of the SAAF.The purpose of the SAAF Museum is to collect, preserve, and exhibit articles and records pertaining to the heritage and traditions of the SAAF and military aviation associated therewith.Through various initiatives, such as the SAAF Museum Airshow, it strives to generate interest and educate the general public, particularly the youth, in military aviation.Finally, the SAAF Museum undertakes research into, accumulates and disseminates information and knowledge relating to the history and traditions of the SAAF

Cost: Free Entrancehttps://www.saafmuseum.com/index.php

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 3pm; Saturday, 9am to 2pm

Image: Your kids will go mad for this experience – explore the inside of a fighter jet? Yes please!

Learn BMX Tricks & Cross Country Bike Rides!

Visit The Bike Park At Constantia Uitsig. Grown-ups and kids alike will get to learn very cool bike tricks. The track is designed like a cross-country course, so all ages are able to participate. Toddlers can practise on training bikes whilst the older kids can learn how to perform bridges and neat jumps!

Hours: Mon – Fri, 9am to 5pm.

Sat and Sun, 9am to 5:30pm
Price: R50 per hour, booking not needed

website: http://uitsig.co.za/bike-park

Image: Being active during the school holidays is essential –

Visit Rescued Animals In Hout Bay:

Potbelly Pigs, Miniature Goats, Mountain Goats, Lambs, Chickens, Guinea Pigs, and Bunnies for days!

This is what you’re in for at Valley Farm in Hout Bay. All animals are rescued and rehomed on this beautiful little property. Kids can play with select animals, there’s an awesome kiddies bike track which circulates the perimeter of the farm, so parents can pack the push bikes for the day! The Jungle Gym is a childhood dream come true in terms of its sheer “grandeur” – and in the Summer, everyone can have a splash in the pools! The venue boasts an adorable restaurant too, with top-notch fare like burgers and wraps, pizza and the most preferred kid-friendly family menu.  

Hours: Tues – Sun, 9am to 5pm
Price: Entrance is free 

Website: htts://www.facebook.com/valleyfarmstall/

Image: The too-adorable-for-words spectacle your kids will be in for at Valley Farm!

Experience A Racing Day At Killarney Race Track:

Vroom Vroooooom! A childhood dream comes to fruition! Racing events taking place most Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays will see petrolheads young and old having the time of their lives. Robot racing, drag racing and MotoX are just some of the racing-related divisions you’ll be able to watch ( or participate in if you are in the scene ) . There’s a play area for the younger kids ( which may also be booked and used as a party venue) and a ton of different food trucks on the premises. This is always a hit , no matter what . 

The track is open to the public most Wednesdays and on Saturdays and Sundays.

Killarney Race Track in Table View hosts a range of racing events every week .

Price: Ticket costs vary per event, but for most events, children under 12 get in free, under 16 is R20 and over 16 is R70

Website: https://wpmc.co.za/public-racing/

Image: An almost too-good-to-be-true dream come alive for any child! Driving by yourself on a race track in your own race car!

Explore Ratanga Park:

Back in the day, most of us now-parents remember the excitement over Cape Town’s first ever major theme park. Now, in 2023, the theme park and rides are longer in this space. However the property has been transformed into an experience equally as valuable to grown-ups and kids alike.

Children will have the time of their lives exploring the “Wild Jungle” environment that Ratanga Park boasts – they’ll go crazy for the “ exotic  adventure theme” that the park conveys these days. Imagine you and your kids exploring maze-like paths, winding bridges and play areas that circulate the gorgeous, lush green scenery of this magnificent , gigantic patch of fun in Cape Town!

Here is some additional and useful information about the park that may pique your interest:

  • Facility Size: 5 hectares
  • Manicured gardens
  • Grassed areas
  • Pedestrian paths and walkways
  • Play area and equipment
  • Photo frame
  • Dogs on leads allowed
  • Water body and water features
  • Active children’s play
  • Picnics
  • Dog walking
  • Running and walking
  • Parkrun
  • Kayaking & stand-up-paddle boarding
  • Functions & events (booking required)

Hours: 8am to 5pm, daily
Price: Free / website: https://centurycity.co.za/parks/

Images: Events, parties, picnics, music and weekend ‘nature’ exploration – all on offer during the upcoming Summer months at Ratanga Park!

Taste Sweets From Around The World:

The Sweet Spot is situated in the Historical Bo-Kaap , located at the base of Signal Hill. This shop is no ordinary sweet shop. Here you can find sweet-treats from so many different cultures, countries and corners of the World! The inside of the shop is seriously decorated with bright, friendly colours  – and the best part : The Sweet displays are a wall-to-wall installation . Here you’ll find USA Classics such as Sour Patch Kids Candy, Jolly Ranchers, and even culture-specific Mexican treats such as Taijin and Chamoy -a visit to The Sweet Spot is a treat that is fit for the whole family

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesweetspot.cpt/?hl=en

Hours: Mon – Thurs, 8am to 6pm; Fri – Sat, 8am to 10pm; Sun, 8am to 4.30pm
Price: Minimum R3

Image: From one parent to another – yes, you’ll have to brush your toddlers teeth three times after the visit – but, oh-how-so-worth-it ! Imagine the peace all day after this experience…

Go for a pony ride at an Eco-Village!

Oude Molen Eco-Village is a World of it’s own, there isn’t anything quite like it in Cape Town. Oude Molen Eco Village, has evolved from an abandoned and vandalised hospital complex into a holistic, environmentally-friendly village of micro-businesses, non-profit organisations and social enterprise services.

The eco-village is home to a diversified community of on-site dwellers . The premises also include guest-house accommodation for travellers , a plethora of small businesses that focus on metal, wood and craft art and design. The village features a public swimming pool for the hotter days too! Not to mention the food gardens, Farm Café and regular live music events and festivals in the Summer!

Oude Molen is vibrant, it’s diverse, and it provides the following to people from different walks of life who need support and life-optimisation opportunities:


Food Security

Youth Development

Plus there’s an internship program for anyone who wants to volunteer their skills and time for a month or so at this hub of social change and development.

The village boasts a variety of kiddies activities – they have a fantastic indoor / outdoor play area called the “Playshed”. The Playshed can also be booked and used as a party venue. Pony rides are also on offer, which Toddlers will not be able to resist! Not to mention the exceptionally maintained community food and botanical garden to walk through and peruse.

Hours: 9am – 5pm Tuesday- Sundays
Price: Free entry to Oude Molen Eco Village 

Website : https://www.oudemolenecovillage.co.za/

Image: Your little one’s first “Equestrian” experience awaits!

Visit a Kid-friendly Clay Café  Branch with your family!

Clay Café – The only Ceramic Painting and Restaurant in  Cape Town.

Clay Café  is a family run and owned business, and it was founded in ‘99. Clay Café offers a one-of-a-kind creative, therapeutic, playful and ‘bonding’ experience for parents and children. 

Find your nearest branch :

Choose from Hout Bay, In The City or Paarl

You and your family will have the opportunity to select from a variety of ready-to-paint ceramics in over 180+ shapes, sizes and designs.

See your selection in advance , if you so choose, and everyone at home can have a look and see to what they may enjoy painting on arrival!

Everything from home-ware, dining-ware, figurines and decorative items to more functional items like plant pots and even vases are on offer.

Kids will go crazy  for our children’s selection of ceramics that have been created to excite the young mind of your child!

Imagine your 4 year old daughter painting her very own Unicorn Figurine, to be featured on proud display in her bedroom!

Children feel proud and accomplished when creating something on their own. Sure, it may be the October school holidays, but that doesn’t mean that your child can’t be educated and have fun at the same time. 

When a young child participates in an art project, it instils a sense of pride and self-confidence. Creating art builds perseverance and a positive work ethic . More to the point, a ceramic painting session  can assist in developing real-world skills like critical thinking , problem-solving , teamwork and communication.

Hand-eye coordination, cognitive development and spacial recognition are also honed during this process. 

You will choose your items on the day, each pricing individually based on size and shape. (Please note 50% of the booking must participate in painting experience) One of the waiters will explain how the painting techniques and how the process works on the day.


  • R45 studio fee pp plus the price of the chosen item * you choose these items on the day.
  • Items range from R55-R380 based on size and shape .
  • If you prefer to work on a budget or in a group setting: you can choose between 2 packages.
  • Medium R165/R115/120) item plus R45 studio fee.
  • Large is R180 (R135 items plus R45 studio fee.

*items take 4+ weeks to be fired and glazed*

After you’ve completed your Clay Café visit,  all items are left on the premises to be fired and glazed and can be collected after 4+ weeks.

(You will receive an email notification once your full order is ready)

We store items for 3 months only after which they are donated to a charity in need.

Image : A gigantic ‘warehouse’ of completed, fired and glazed ceramics – stored for guests who are notified about their collection date.

Both the Hout Bay and Paarl branches have big outside gardens and activities for children to enjoy.

Every child is ecstatic with the fantastic playground which is available for kids booked in for the painting session. 

Clay Café has stunning outside tables too which are perfect for those sunny days. Head to our Hout Bay branch for your next family outing .

Image: Hotter days to come and happy kids to entertain!

Image: The Manor House At Groot Parys Estate in Paarl is the new venue for our “Clay Café Winelands Experience” – and it is as much of a kiddies haven as is our venue in Hout Bay!

Whether you bring your kids to our In The City, Hout Bay or Paarl venue’s , our Cafe’s offer a wide selection of food – including breakfasts, lunches, and snack options.

Our Bree Street Branch boasts an evening “a-la-carte” menu too – on Wednesdays , Thursdays, / Fridays and Saturdays, our kitchen stays open until 10:00pm.

We offer a wide selection of food including : Breakfast, lunches, and tapas/snack options. If you visit our Hout Bay Branch, you can also order off our fully Halaal Menu

Breakfast is served from 9:00am unto 11:30am , and a vast lunch menu from 11:45am -4:30pm is on offer.

For the kids:

kiddies meals, salads, pizzas, burgers, meze boards and pastas are all prepared from scratch on the day.

We cater to vegetarians and vegans as well as Halaal guests (Halaal offering is at our Hout Bay Branch only . Our kid’s menu offers a variety of options to suit each child’s taste. A huge hit for the whole family. 

Select your store to see each branch’s different offering on each respective menu.

Clay Café also offers catering and party packages which can be found below , with each store’s respective offering :

Hout Bay


In The City

Both Clay Café branches in Hout Bay and Paarl are open daily from 9-5pm and every day during the school holidays.

The City branch is open from 10am-5pm on Mondays, Tuesday & Wednesdays

On Thursday’s, Friday’s it’s 10am-10.30pm, Saturday’s 9:00am -10.30pm & on Sundays 9:00am-6:00pm (no children under 12 after 6pm) 

Bookings are essential over busy times (limited walk-in space available on a first come first serve basis).

Book per branch below:

In The City


Hout Bay

Image: Freshly -made from scratch : all our food is sustainably sourced and nutrient dense.

Image: Enjoy the site of your child immersing themselves in an educational and fun day out.


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