How To Enjoy International Beer Day In Cape Town This Friday:

Aug 3, 2023

International Beer day is celebrated on the first Friday of every August . 

This day was founded in California by Jesse Avshalomo.

Jesse is a pretty interesting man.

In his own words :

I  led a brief career as an Opera Singer, spent time as a marketing technologist at AKQA and Apple, co-founded a music licensing startup now known as Loudr, and invented International Beer Day as an experiment in virality gone horribly right’.

Image: Jesse Avshalomov

Since the invention, IBD has grown exponentially. At first, the day was a small, local event held in California . Today, International Beer day is a WORLDWIDE ‘special’ Day . International Beer Day is celebrated in 207 cities across the Globe! This is spread out among 80 countries and 6 continents. Jesse should be terribly proud of himself.

It was declared that IBD would have three distinct purposes – of which are all observed with an interesting dedication among beer lovers the World over.

  1. Gather your friends together and enjoy and savour the taste and texture of good beer
  2. Celebrate and pay homage to the people who have made it their vocation to brewing quality beer. 
  3. To unify and unite the Planet under the banner of ‘Beer’ for a single day each year, and to celebrate the different craft of beer making by brewers and their respective brands in all of the 80 nations.

Image: A classic Capetonian picture – why not take an evening amble down to Clifton Beach with your friends and celebrate International Beer Day in front of a dazzling sunset! (It’s going to be a warm day – we’ve been preparing for this! )

So, what do most people enjoy doing on International Beer Day?

Here’s the good news – International Beer Day in Cape Town this year is going to be HOT!  Yep – despite the fact that it is still officially “Winter” In Cape Town this year , the ‘Beer Gods’ have bestowed a serious blessing to Capetonians on August 4th. It shall be 23 degrees Celsius in Cape Town on IBD, with only a small bit of cloud cover during midday, and clean sky’s thereafter – Heck , it may even be warm enough to don your favorite ‘LBD’ for the occasion! 

On an international level, some of the most popular ways that people tend to enjoy IBD look like this: 

  • The tapping of new or rare beers
  • All-day ‘Happy Hours’
  • Trivia Nights
  • Beer & Food Pairings ( Clay Cafe` is your best option for this , we’re not exactly the ‘beer pong’ type of place, but you’ll still be highly entertained with our alternate offering ) 
  • ‘Drinking Games’ such as the above-mentioned rather infamous Beer Pong ( we’ll happily admit that this sort of activity is a social-institution at Beer Festivals – of course everything has its place amongst friends of the World 😉 ) 
  • – Beer Gear Giveaways and Competitions.

What does this mean for you? Well for starters, here are some ideas worth considering:

  • Make your booking at Clay Café to experience a night you surely won’t forget – that’s right, Clay Café and SAB are pairing up to introduce some memorable Belgian Craft Beers to Cape Town. The event will boast the introduction of some new and well-known Belgian Beers to the Capetonian audience . With more details to follow below, expect a pairing/combo menu to match, live music , a competition, spot prizes and more!
  • Before arriving at Clay Café In The City, why not gather your friends and head down to the beach , take in the dazzling sunset on the Atlantic Seaboard and crack open a bottle of your favourite brewski! 

     (  It’s kind of like a follow-on experience after International Friendship Day on July 30th! )

  • This is your opportunity to give your best friend , partner or most beloved family-member the ‘gift of beer’ , by buying each other beer. This annual ‘ritual’ is designated to express gratitude to brewers, bartenders and other Beer Technicians. 
  • In the international spirit of the day, it’s encouraged that Caeptonians step out of their ‘local beer’ comfort-zone and try out new beers from other cultures!

Image: Surprise , surprise! One of the local introductions to the Clay Cafe` event – Newlands Spring Craft Beer!

Did You Know?

In South Africa, beer has a more significant cultural aspect to it. South Africa is known for having a most diverse and vibrant craft-beer community. Our local breweries have been producing all types of out-of-the-box beers for some time now. Craft beer is brewed by small or independent breweries. It started to become popular in South Africa in 1983 with the opening of Mitchell’s Brewery in Knysna, in the Western Cape. Some local breweries even use ingredients such as Rooibos, Ginseng, and Fynbos! South Africa has also become well-known in modern times for hosting some of the most famous Beer Festivals in the World! These sorts of events are intended to showcase the significance of Beer to the people of Mzansi! 

Image: A happy scene from a prior year of revelry at one of Cape Town’s popular International Beer Day Events –

What Is Clay Café ?

Clay Café is a family run business founded in 1999. We are a ceramic painting venue and restaurant. From humble beginnings at an old dairy farm we are proud to have expanded into 8 franchised stores around the country. Our 3 main stores are: Clay Cfaé Hout Bay, city branch and Paarl. 

Clay Café merges art, food and good company to create one of a kind creative moments that keep everyone talking and coming back for more. Choose from 180 + already made items to paint and decorate. Sit back and enjoy delicious food and drinks while you paint with family and friends.

We aspire to offer an experience that promotes connection and creativity. An activity that encourages quality time through creative exploration. Our focus is to always uplift, empower and educate those who work with us to strive for nothing but excellence in service and delivery. Our vision is to be the best in customer experiences.

How Does It Work?

  • Select your chosen Clay Café store 
  • Book online
  • Choose your ceramic item on arrival
  • (View Catalogue Here )
  • Cost: R45 studio fee pp plus the price of the chosen item * you choose these items on the day 
  • Items range from R56-480 based on size and shape 
  • If you prefer to work on a budget or in a group setting: you can choose between 2 packages 
  • Medium R160 (R115 item plus R45 studio fee) 
  • Large is R180 (R135 items plus R45 studio fee)

*items take 4-5 weeks to be fired and glazed*

Here’s What Clay Cafe` Has To Offer You On Friday 4th August:


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